Prana Das Apprenticeship Program

Prana Das offers an apprenticeship for graduated teachers who are interested in an immersive mentoring program that will enhance and deepen their ability to effectively teach diverse students, refine their voice and sequencing and assist and adjust with confidence.

This is a Two-Month Study that Includes the Following:

  • An eight-week model that takes the apprentice from initial observation to full confidence conducting a class under the support of his/her mentor
  • Guided observation of regular classes with pre- and post-class reflection
  • Using advanced anatomy training and knowledge of the Ashtanga series to create, test and teach effective sequences
  • Developing voice through teaching different components of classes with your mentor
  • In-Depth training on assists and adjustments with guided application in class situations
  • Ongoing feedback and individualized practices to help you discover your strengths, improve your opportunities and equip you with a robust toolkit of helpful resources to prepare you for a variety of situations.
  • Specific, customized training on the areas most important to you

Investment Options

One-Time Payment


One-Time (save $50)

Payment Plan


Four Monthly Payments of $200

To Enroll

Please contact us at to get started at 610-896-YOGA or by emailing us at with any inquiries about the program.