Class Types

Explore a variety of classes at PHY and enjoy each teacher's unique spin on the type.

60 Minutes

A class for new or relatively new (practiced less than 100 times) students that mindfully introduces you to the practice of yoga, including sun salutations, key asanas (postures), breathing, heating the body and safely experiencing all of the benefits yoga has to offer. Please feel free to contact us if you have questions about whether this class is appropriate for you!

Advanced Beginners
60 Minutes

Advancing Beginners helps to bridge newer students and beginner students into the next stage of their practice, introducing and explaining more intermediate postures and all-levels sequences. It is also appropriate for more practiced students who want to continue to refine and develop the foundations of their practice in order to deepen their abilities.

Prana Vinyasa
75 or 90 Minutes

An all-levels Vinyasa class taught for every student. Enjoy a rich experience of asanas with your teacher’s special flare. Vinyasa means “movement with breath,” so prepare to move!

Mindful Flow
75 Minutes

Mindful Flow classes bring a slower pace and a focus on breath to traditional vinyasa classes. Similar to gentle yoga, practitioners can expect a connective and enriching experience that leaves them with a deep stretch, an expansive breath practice and a restorative finish. Great for all levels.

75 Minutes

In Yin yoga, poses are held for a longer duration with the objective of improving flexibility and restoring a fuller range of motion. The practice accesses connective tissues—the tendons, fascia, and ligaments. You will leave feeling elongated, relaxed and renewed.

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The Mysore Program at Prana House is available six days per week. The schedule is outlined below. Students arrive for any duration of time in the allotted window and begin an individual practice. The room is silent, and Elizabeth is present to guide and support the students as they journey through the series, learn new postures and develop their own relationships with Ashtanga Yoga.

Asana Hour
60 Minutes

A great way to get a vigorous vinyasa practice in during your lunch break or among afternoon errands. These classes run 12:00pm – 1pm, just enough time to work up a sweat or release some mid-day stress.

45 Minutes

Join us for group meditation practice. No experience required. Take time to learn to explore your mind and experience yourself in a state of not reacting. Through continued practice, you may learn to replace habits, recognize patterns that are holding you back, enact the rest and digest part of your nervous system (vs. fight or flight), and recharge your battery in a mode of being that allows for the regeneration of your sense of being.

Relax & Restore
60 Minutes

Deep breathing and deep stretching through this practice will lengthen and detoxify the muscles, strengthen your cardiovascular system, lower heart rate and promote a relaxed and mindful state. Props, bolsters and special postures open and expand the body’s ability to move.

Yin in Video: Monika Brass explains the Yin Practice

Prana Das Yoga teacher Monika Brass shares her insight on the Yin Practice, how it complements a rigorous workout regimen and can restore the body to a healthier condition. Care for joints, improve mobility and feel great – Monika teaches Yin Wednesdays at 6pm and Sundays at 4pm.

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