Yoga Videos

Prana Das is an educational space where you can always feel comfortable yet challenged to explore new concepts, practices and modalities. Learn more in our video blog below.

Meet Our Teachers: Vivi Mazzone on India, Breath & Falling in Love 8:27


Learn more about Mysore at Prana Das 14:59

Nepal: You Have to Listen 18:06

David Newman (Durga Das) on Mantra, Love and Protecting the Mind through Vibration 15:07

Ancestral Sounds: Native America Flute Meditation 3:27

How You Jump Through in Vinyasas with Julia Paddison 5:28

Twist Tips for Detoxing Yoga Postures 3:29

Intro to Ayurveda & Kitchari Cleanse 2:59

Harmonize Your Habitat: 7 Simple Practices to Change Your Life 2:26

Nepali Children Thank Amy for Her Donations… 0:07

Bakasana to Tripod Headstand with Kate Loftus 4:14

Jamie Porto Make Moon Phase Yoga Art at PHY  3:08

Join the Prana Lifestyle ReBoot with Derek 2:02

Lauren Stables Talks Teaching and Presents the Drop Back 3:47

Alex Holmes Explains those Spinning Balls of Light …  4:29

Prana House Yoga Teacher Training Reflections 6:03

What You May Not Know About the Power of Meditation … 3:16

MVI 0007  6:56

Surprise, Derek … Lululemon Ambassador It is! 1:10

PHY Pose Breakdown: Trikonasana with Assists 3:05

Yoga for Healing: #Meettheyogis with Derek and Steve Cohen  2:29

Grasshopper Pose How-To 3:43

April Freestyle Flow with Derek Hopkins 7:56

#MeetTheYogis: Lauren Herman’s Hope & Healing  2:56

Working Out In the Evening: Yoga with Derek & Nadia for  2:34

Prepping for the Big Hearts Workshop 1:39

Kids Yoga at Prana House  2:01

Bhakti Bookworms with Lululemon Athletica at Prana House Yoga  2:16

Moksha Women’s Evolution Group Starting at PHY 1:41

PHY Pose Breakdown: Pressing with Sarah Costanza  2:33

PHY Freestyle Flow with Derek, January 2015  6:24

PHY Pose Breakdown: How to Headstand with Jason Coffman 4:26

How to Headstand – A How-To for Beginners  4:02

PHY Posture Breakdown: Ustrasana to Kapotasana  3:24

#MeetTheYogis Noelle Gesualdo 4:28

Why Yin? Monika Brass Explains the Benefits  1:32

#MeettheseYogis: Sarah Shakti, New Teacher at Prana House Yoga  2:27

Soothing the Senses – A Workshop with Jessica Ardis and Stephanie Rodigas 0:50

#MeetTheseYogis #1: Erica & Drew  2:15